Our elementary teachers must be proficient at teaching many subjects to their students including reading, writing, spelling, math and science. They have many subjects to teach during the school day and do an excellent job.  As a board member, my goal is to enhance the elementary math curriculum to help teachers provide greater options for students to practice their math skills and to learn core concepts. Beginning with exercises to drill students on addition and subtraction that are designed to show students how to think (for example: 8+6 can be thought of as 8+2+4), the district can build an on-line library of files that can be accessed by students, parents and educators.

More complex concepts can be introduced with corresponding practice assignments for students as they progress. Our students need to become fluent in converting between fractions, decimals and percents and must learn to internally visualize the concepts. I believe that ALL students can comprehend the fundamental math concepts, but it takes time, it takes a teacher or para-educator monitoring the student's progress, and it takes practice.